Coming Soon... Samba Cartridges!

FUJIFILM Dimatix is excited for the upcoming release of the Samba cartridge for use with the Dimatix Materials Printer (DMP)! Based on state-of-the-art silicon micro-electro-mechanical systems (Si-MEMS) design & manufacturing of the Samba G3L printhead, the Samba cartridge is the most advanced technology in inkjet printing, and soon to be available for use with the DMP.  

As you may know, the legacy DMP cartridges (both the 1 and 10 pL drop volumes) have been wildly successful for materials deposition and understanding fluid jetting characteristics when used with the DMP-2800 series printer. However, the internal design of both cartridges has largely been unchanged since their introduction 15 years ago. During this time, the needs of our customers have changed as well as our own progress in engineering, rendering this design technology obsolete – it does not represent a commercial printhead and furthermore uses dated manufacturing techniques.  

By leveraging our expertise with the latest in jet design and manufacturing process to create the Samba cartridge, we envision that any fluid and waveform developed on this cartridge can transfer much easier to the corresponding commercial Samba printhead. In fact, moving forward, all future DMP cartridges will represent an actual commercial printhead. We believe this will bridge the gap and facilitate the need of our customers to transition from R&D to large-scale inkjet processes, which will be invaluable to the growth of functional printing.

Some Frequently Asked Questions  

Will the new cartridge be compatible with the current Dimatix Materials Printer? Yes, the new cartridge will be compatible with any DMP-2800 series printer. There is no form factor change from the legacy version and will fit right in your printer.  

What software version of the Drop Manager will be needed in order to properly use the new cartridge?
Drop Manager Version 3.2 will be needed for DMP-2850 printers and Version 2.1 for DMP-2831 printers. The new software will be available free for download at a later date.  

Can the same fluid and waveform that was used with the legacy cartridge also be used with the new Samba cartridge? Like the Samba printhead, the ideal fluid viscosity needed for use with the new Samba cartridge is in the range of 4-8 cps. If the fluid viscosity is higher than 8 cps, increasing the jetting temperature (controllable with the DMP) may help to effectively lower its viscosity. The Samba cartridge waveform is recommended as a starting point for jetting optimization which will be available for download later in our Customer Hub.  

To read more FAQs regarding the new Samba cartridge, please click here. To learn more about Samba printhead technology, please visit here.

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